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Garden Maintenance

Trees -  Small and dead tree removal, limb removal, lopping, pruning.

I gained my equipment and experience from the years I owned and managed an 8 acre woodland in Weald, Sevenoaks. It was far more cost effective for me to buy all the necessary tools, safety equipment and study up on Arbourist principles.

I undertake a lot of the lighter end of tree work because I prefer to use large ladders, ropes and winches. If I believe a job is too big for me, then I will be able to advise you of a suitable company that can handle the workload.  

 I deal with waste removal in a slightly different way to the large firms too. This is often welcomed by customers on a tighter budget, as waste is a significant part of a quote. This subject can be further discussed at the time of viewing/quoting.  

Hedges/Shrubs - Pruning, shaping, planting.

I am able to undertake a full range of hedging work from one off removal or heavy pruning to more or simply establishing or maintaining of a pleasant shape. 

Borders - Weeding, planting bulbs and annuals.

I locate the edges of the lawn, then proceed to weed back to boundaries and under hedges.

I am often asked to plant bulbs, flowers and shrubs that customers have gone and purchased themselves locally. I can also collect such items for customers if required.

Save when you buy packages

Signing up to a 12 month contract, allows you to know your outgoings and budget accordingly. It prevents a sudden increase in garden maintenance costs in the summer months and also allows me to have a year long budget too.
The following are packages created that a lot of customers are happy with, however bespoke packages can be created to suit individual customers needs and are priced accordingly. The more packages the customer wants, the lower the cost that can be agreed.

12 month Garden Maintenance Package:

Approx. £60 per month depending on garden size.

  • Regular shrub shaping.
  • Regular manual weeding of flower beds.
  • Insecticide spraying of roses.
  • Manual lawn edging and rotary lawn mowing. Fortnightly during the peak growing season and as required thereafter.
  • Manual removal of weeds or if persistent the spraying of a selective weedkiller.
  • Possible bolt on - Annual sheds, fences, decking and garden furniture treatment/painting.

12 month Lawn Care Package

Approx. additional £25 per month depending on lawn size and requirements.

  • Bi-annual lawn dethatching
  • Bi-annual lawn sand, selective weedkiller and/or moss killer spreading service to decrease weeds, moss and increase the green colour of the lawn.
  • Aeration (solid tine aerator) to improve surface drainage.Roller to be used sparingly to assist in creating a more even lawn level.
  • Annual Top dressing - stimulate denser grass growth, improve moisture retention/drainage, decompose thatch and create a truer lawn level.

As with all my services, I am happy for customers to provide their own product if they so wish, or I can use my own stock products at additional cost (I do not mark up my products).

Garden tidy and clearance

Flexible options for your garden

  • 1 person clearance £150
  • 2 person clearance £275
  • 2 person clearance and waste removal £350